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Our Wild Souls specializes in telling your love story as authentically as we can. We capture the genuine expressions of love, all while creating memories filled with laughter and eskimo kisses. Fueled by coffee and quotes from Harry Potter, our love for love and the finer intimate details truly sets Our Wild Souls apart.
LBGTQ+ is always welcomed into our family.


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Did you know the first time I traveled was in 2017. I was 25 years old, and was so nervous and scared! I traveled by myself to Bahrain to meet my deployed husband! It was the best thing I could have ever done. After my first amazing trip abroad, I traveled to Ireland and found the place that makes my heart sing. I have been to more and more countries since then, and seriously love that feeling you get every time you travel!
When not traveling, I am a mom, military spouse, southern born and raised mega nerd. I love all things harry potter, anime, cosplaying, video games and books!

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My husband and I recently took our 5 year anniversary photos with Tiffany and she was such a joy to be around. My husband is super awkward when it comes to having our photos taken and Tiffany was such a huge help with letting us know how she wanted us and where she wanted us. I also didn’t want a beach photo shoot so she went above and beyond to find the perfect spot with trees and grass. I definitely look forward to more photos with her in the future.