The Seven Year Itch.

"Today I will love you like there is no tomorrow, and tomorrow I will do it all over again"

They say after 7 years together, after the honey moon stage is long gone, and the lull has set it, it truly is a test for your relationship. You get bored, you get complacent, you start losing that fire that was once there. 

2 seconds with Becca and Steven and it was like I was taken back to high school, when love was so innocent and you gave it away so freely. You know what I am talking about, your first boyfriend or girlfriend, and you think they may be the one, but your so shy, and its all so fresh and new. You get giddy just thinking about then, when someone mentions their name you cant help but smile. You stay up all night just to send them a text. 

You could also see that this was no high school relationship. They had grown together, changed into the people they are today, together. They have been through having children together, deployment together, so much that could easily tear apart two people and their love for one another. 7 years is along time to be each others only. 7 years is along time to put up with those things you may not like. Some people are not 7 years strong. 

But not these two. These two who smile still when they look at each other. Who can let each other blow raspberries on each others faces because I wanted to catch them laughing. These two who every day wake up, love their 2 beautiful girls, and still have time every night to make sure they are reminding each other the love they have for the other. 

I hope you enjoy their story as much as I did. 

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