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Your wedding is about you and your significant other.

But as a wedding photographer I often see brides throw big weddings, whether its pressure from your family, or this idea of having everyone you know come. But then during the wedding my couples are so stressed, unable to relax and simply enjoy each other. I wanted to start specializing in smaller wedding and elopements, so I can help my couples still have their dream wedding, but without all the worry and stress of planning a big party.

1. You can still get everything a big wedding has. Truly. I am not pulling your leg. You want flowers? Get flowers! You want your dream dress! Get your dream dress!! You want food, and cake, and to dance all night? You can still get all of those things, and you honestly get more time to enjoy it all then when you have a larger wedding to handle!

2. Less stress on your wedding day. I know, I know, I have talked about this a few times. But I seriously cannot talk about this enough. Because you have planned a smaller wedding or an elopement, there is simply less moving parts to plan, and less interactions you will have to do on your wedding day. Often times my brides are bombarded with questions, concerns, last minute changes, and this is all before they even get married. Once they are married, they often times have little time to eat because they are interacting with every guest. They are pulled one way or another, and its hard to just stop and savor the moment. One your wedding is smaller, its like the saying “just stop and smell the roses”. You have more time to breathe.

3. More time to be with your new spouse. Imagine having a wedding day but everything is just so busy and flies by and you barely even spent a moment with your new spouse. Smaller weddings mean more time to be a couple. More chances to steal kisses and to smile at one another. It takes a day that becomes about the party, and makes it a day that is actually about you.

And my favorite.

4. More time for pictures. At the end of the day. often times I take so many photos of everything else, and only get 20 - 30 minutes alone with my couple. There was simply so much else to do. Family photos, details, ceremony photos, photos of your friends having fun. To me, I much rather spend my time with my couples allowing them to just be in love with one another, and give them the gift of seeing their love told through photos. I mean it is easy to say I do it for the free cake, but the truth is, I do it for the love story. Romance is my jam, and its the reason I am so passionate about couples. When there is more time for photos, there is more time for adventure and new memories, and eskimo kisses.

What better way to start your new life together.

Small weddings aren’t for everyone. I know this. But maybe, its perfect for you.

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