I think you might be worth it - Hampton Roads Couples Photography

I met Morgan months before this session, in the snowy season where she bravely jumped into a outdoor boudoir session! Yep! You heard that right! She is the kind of girl who is so courageous and daring she was be down in her skivvys in the snow! The session was simply magical! 

I began looking for a few couples to simple document their stories together, and she raised her hand. I knew immediately that I wanted to photograph that crazy girl again! I asked her to describe her and her husband, their dynamics. And she mentioned how she loved going on dates with him to the NorVa. For those not local to Norfolk, its an amazing little music venue in downtown Norfolk. Its every bit a hip and happening place to be. As soon as she mentioned this amazing place the ideas started forming! How amazing would it be to photograph a date downtown! 

We started off simply just walking around, chasing that golden sunlight around. A few snuggles, a kiss here and there, and every so often a rasberry to the face, and I was able to document these two love birds together. 

I hope you enjoy! 

Couples 1.jpg
Couples 7.jpg