Highschool Sweethearts - Elegant Couple Session - Stumpy Lake Virginia Beach

I look at you and see the rest of my life before my eyes

I met Madison through a business group. We were both small business owners looking for a community to be apart of. She quickly became a friend when we realized how nerdy we both were. She has been an amazing client, and even better friend the 2 short years I have known her.

From the moment I met her I knew about Taylor. He lived across the states serving as a marine, and she was so infatuated with him. I remember how her eye lit up telling me he was moving her to finally be with her. We planned this amazing couple session back in the fall, but both of our busy schedules made it postpone.

And I am glad we did! Wearing my dress I was never able to wear, Madison and Taylor created the dream session! I found out more about their love story as well. Can you picture them? 15 years old, shy and embarassed to chat with each other when they first were introduced. A week later a date, (with mom driving since there was a lack of a drivers license). A typically high school relationship that ended 3 months later. 

Years passed, Madison moved to her home in Norfolk and Taylor joined the marines, but their friendship lasted. A few visits, and they fell right back into that starstuck love that hit them when they first met, and they rest is history. A love that truly lasted all these years.

Here is their session...

Dominique 6.jpg
Things arent always rainbows and butterflies, its compromise
— Train