Capturing raw emotions for our Military Families

2017 was one of my hardest years. As a military wife myself, I experienced the dreading "D" word. My husband was away for 7 months (a short deployment in most cases) but it made me appreciate homecomings that much more. I had photographed over 100 homecomings before he left. I spent 4 years in the Norfolk area crying when every boat, submarine, and airplane came home, bringing with it 100's and 1000's of loved ones. I hugged my clients, laughed with my clients, but it wasnt until I went through my own homecoming, did I really understand. 

I enjoy making things as simple as possible! Enjoy our homecoming guide as it explains costs, whats included, how I work, and more! This guide will answer most questions my clients have about what goes on before and during their homecoming!